Aluminum Spray Coating

Aluminum Spray Coating

Torch-on roofs can lose granules for a number of reasons, including age, debris, heat and more. This debridement leaves the asphalt oils exposed to UV rays which can further degrade the material while increasing its overall heat retention. Over time, the roof membrane wears faster and becomes more vulnerable due to added stress in these areas.

Assuming your roof is in relatively fair condition (not in need of an immediate tear off), an aluminum coating can be sprayed on several different roof types including modified bitumen, metal corrugated and even over emulsion coatings. This added layer has a solar reflectivity average of over 70% which helps bounce back the sun’s rays, which in turn lowers the heat retention inside the building. This can help to reduce your energy consumption in the summer.

First the deck is prepared by sweeping and cleaning it of general debris, then any blisters or penetrations are repaired to insure the coating will not be applied over a previously faulty zone. Once all of that is completed, then the coating is mechanically mixed and either sprayed or rolled uniformly over the roof to produce an even coat that will protect the roof, and extend its life!

Want to get a reflective aluminum coating on your roof? Want to know if it can be applied to your current setup? If so, give us a call at630 898 3230 OR — USE OUR ONLINE ESTIMATE REQUEST FORM AND lets add years to your roof.

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