Enviroshake is an environmentally friendly composite cedar-like shake roof shingles as an alternative to metal (steel/aluminum) and other premium roofing products.

Enviroshake® is a unique environmentally friendly composite, 95% of which is derived from reprocessed post-industrial polymers, fibers, and rubber.

Traditionally cedar was used as a roofing material because it was a readily available resource and the options for building materials were limited. The look of a cedar roof is certainly very attractive but unfortunately it does not last. In as little as 15 years, cedar can rot, crack, warp and start to spoil the look of your home. Enviroshake® leads the revolution with authentic good looks, no maintenance and a 50 year warranty.

New or Old Roof Construction

Architects, builders and roofing contractors from coast to coast keep hearing that new home owners want the look of cedar but do not want the maintenance and shorter life associated with real wood. Enviroshake® has engineered a superior product that far exceeds the expectations of discerning home owners and quality home builders but maintains the traditional look of real cedar.

Victorian, contemporary house or an urban brick bungalow, Enviroshake® will add dramatic visual impact and value to compliment your property.

  • Maintenance and worry free
  • Will not warp, crack or blister
  • Mold, mildew and insect resistant
  • Hail resistant
  • Easy to install with standard roofing materials
  • Less waste
  • Goes on plywood or strapping
  • Can install with an air-nailer
  • No special tools required
  • You can walk on it
  • Custom molded ridge caps
  • 50 Year Non-prorated Warranty

Suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Enviroshake® offers the versatility of installing over one layer of asphalt shingles. This eliminates the labor cost to strip the roof, and reduces the container and disposal fees. Exposure to leaks during shake application is also minimized.

Introduced to the Roofing Industry in 1997, Enviroshake® has received extensive media coverage, including feature documentaries on The Discovery Channel, CBC Television, Bob Vila’s Home Again, Steve Thomas’ Renovation Nation and countless newspaper, magazine, and T.V. news stories, on the positive impact of Enviroshake®.

For more information, visit the Enviroshake website.