Infra-red Thermal Imaging Scans

Our infra-red thermal imaging scan is part of our Inspection Services package. We use the thermal scans to supplement our full-service roof inspections in order to provide for a more thorough analysis of your roof.

Mostly aimed at commercial building flat roofs on factories and warehouses, infrared roof scan inspections are saving millions of dollars in labor and materials for business owners nationwide.

Benefits of Infrared Thermography

Thermal Roof Scan in ProgressHere are some benefits of using infrared thermal scans on the roofing system:

  • Flat roof leak detection for buildings, plants, facilities
  • Identify water damaged portions of a roof quickly and accurately
  • Eliminate unnecessary replacement of good roofing
  • Plan accurate budgets based on facts
  • Document problems before the warranty/bond expires

Infrared technology is used by Affordable Roofing to detect moisture through temperature differentials across virtually every type of roof surface. Infrared analysis is a non-destructive testing method and can quickly identify large areas of saturation with an immediate thermographic image.

Thermal Scans of Roof Systems Can Identify Wet Insulation

Thermal Image of Roof ScanThermal scans of a roof system and walls can help locate wet insulation which is indicative of a failing roof system, and reduces energy efficiency of the home or building.

The thermal scan addresses the cause of the leakage, even those that go undectected with the naked eye. If much of the insulation is wet, homeowners or building managers will have a tool to make a more informative consideration for a complete roof replacement or not.

Infrared can be a greener solution.

From an environmental standpoint, why dispose of millions of cubic yards of perfectly good roofing in the land fill every year when only part of it actually needed replacing?

Thermal imaging roof scan inspections can pin-point areas of moisture intrusion and target those areas needing repair or upgrade. Combined with decades of moisture detection experience in the field, the additional infrared analysis allows you to avoid costly premature roof replacements.

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