Need your roof inspected, maybe an overview of your current situation. Our certified roof inspections not only provide you with the information you need, but they assist you in making the right choice for your home. Our field reps will go onto your roof and into the attic to identify possible problematic areas and document them so you can see where your trouble lies. Commercial, Industrial, or Residential buildings? Not a problem we can tailor your inspection to fit your roofs design and purpose.

When its all said and done you will receive your certified roof inspection, complete with pictures and a detailed report, and as an added incentive any amount spent on the inspection will go towards future work on your roof!


Infrared thermal imaging scans are available upon special request.

Benefits of Infrared Thermography:

  • Flat roof leak detection for buildings, plants, facilities
  • Identify water damaged portions of a roof quickly and accurately
  • Eliminate unnecessary replacement of good roofing
  • Plan accurate budgets based on facts
  • Document problems before the warranty/bond expires


Infrared technology is used by Affordable Roofing to detect moisture through temperature differentials across virtually every type of roof surface. Infrared analysis is a non-destructive testing method and can quickly identify large areas of saturation with an immediate thermographic image.

Thermal scans of roof systems can identify wet insulation which is indicative of a failing roof system, and a culprit that reduces the energy efficiency of the home or building.

The thermal scan addresses the cause of the leakage, even those that go undetected with the naked eye. If much of the insulation is wet, homeowners or building managers will have a tool to make a more informative consideration for a complete roof replacement or repair.

Infrared can be a greener solution.

From an environmental standpoint, why dispose of millions of cubic yards of perfectly good roofing in the landfill every year when only part of it actually needed replacing?

Thermal imaging roof scan inspections can pin-point areas of moisture intrusion and target those areas needing repair or upgrade. Combined with decades of moisture detection experience in the field, the additional infrared analysis allows you to avoid costly premature roof replacements.


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